Applications Of Digital Ordnance Survey Maps For Developers


Developers of digital apps have a much easier life today than ever before. Thanks to modern technology and science, they can create amazingly useful apps that have the ability to make our lives easier. We can use these apps to find our way around a new city, we can track and avoid traffic jams, and we can travel together with our friends, without sharing the same vehicle.

Since digital OS maps have been made available, the online world has changed its face for the better. We can use our Smartphones to navigate from A to B without having to stop and ask which route to take at a crossroads. We can record our jogging, biking, hiking and other outdoor activities, and then post our achievements online, for our friends to see what we have been doing and where we have been. All these are possible thanks to savvy developers who have taken advantage of digital OS maps and integrated them into their projects.

Travel is one of the main applications of these virtual maps. A digital map combined with a GPS system and a social networking tool can be the best navigation program ever. Travel planners all over the world make use of such apps in their work, managing to create exciting trips for their groups of tourists.

Education and teaching are two more areas in which digital maps have marked a revolution. Teaching geography and history, for instance, has never been easier. Students can be enticed to explore the world by using video apps based on real maps that have been digitized. The biggest gain is that such maps can be annotated and updated in real life, so that all users have access to the latest version.

The transport industry is another huge user of digital maps and their applications. Truck drivers can communicate with their headquarters in real time, thus being able to send out their warnings and get assistance whenever they need it. Moreover, dispatchers can watch all vehicles on a digital map, thus knowing where they are at any given time.

Even the video games industry has benefited a lot from the integration of real maps into various products. Instead of conquering and managing fantasy realms, players can build cities and countries that actually exist in our real world. You can build a better America, you can make your citizens happier, and you can conquer new lands in Europe, Asia or even the North Pole.

Archaeology and history have found their use for digital OS Maps. We can now see how Ancient Egypt looked by overlapping the ancient ruins over modern maps so that we can get an idea of what it looked like in comparison to today’s metropolis. All these are possible thanks to modern technology and to various mobile apps that can help us see our world as it once was.

It’s hard to imagine a world of paper maps, or even worse, a world in which people believed the Earth was flat! Thanks to satellites, GPS systems and digital apps, we can broaden our knowledge like never before.